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Whether you are 18 or 80, experienced or it’s your first fitness class. Throw on your gym clothes and experience a totally different workout. You will never look back!

“This place has changed my life...”

“…From zero strength or flexibility, I have been supported by the teachers and the lovely people I’ve met in class to be doing things on a pole I never thought possible.”

— Nikkita, SP Student since 2018

More than you imagined.

  • World Class Instructors
  • 500+ classes a week
  • Variety of dance styles
  • Diverse Community
  • 10 Studio Locations
  • Flexible Memberships

Be brave.

Take a chance on a spinning pole.

Discover the Sydney Pole Difference

Re-discover a new outlook on yourself in a judgement-free zone. Fitness that nurtures you to be as you are. Now it’s time to challenge your assumptions about pole, and about yourself.

Our community is made of instructors and students of different lived experiences. This diversity at Sydney Pole creates a space where you will feel included, respected and valued.

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With online tools to self-manage your Sydney Pole Account any day or night, your Member features are always flexible and accessible. Reach out for additional support from our dedicated Customer Care team who are ready to answer any questions you have. Then never miss a class, with the free app for reservations on the go!

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