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There are now two ways you can attend Sydney Pole from the comfort of your own home (yay!).

A library of pre-recorded classes which are available “On Demand” (kinda like Netflix)

Live stream Zoom classes (you need to book in via the SP App!)

We’ve filmed over 50 On-Demand video tutorials for all your dance, fitness & flex needs and we'll be expanding this collection for you all the time!

Check out our incredible line up of instructors who are ready to Zoom into your home, including Luna, Cynthia, Lorna, Chris (A.K.A Blue Phoenix), Suzie Q, Missy, Thom, Dallas Dee and more!

How do I sign up for Sydney Pole Online Classes? Simply click "SIGN UP" in the menu up the top!


Rediscover how your body was made to move with our Sensual Dance, Chair & Lap, Strip Burlesque, Contemporary & Twerk dance classes (just to name a few!)


Beginners & experienced stretch classes, yoga, splits training, contortion, and meditation - wherever you are in your journey, we've got you covered.


Tutorials to help you practice your fave pole tricks, train your nemesis moves and add some new tech to your repertoire. Plus a variety of choreographed routines because we miss pole dancing with you!


Here to help you smash all your strength & fitness goals. We've got Hard Ass & Abs, Barre, Pilates, Handstands, upper body, lower body, and booty workouts for all levels!


Whether it’s your very first class, you’re here to maintain your skills or you're ready to completely redefine what fitness means to you. Our on-demand library is growing every week with tutorials to suit your every need - no matter where you are in your fitness/pole/dance/stretch/self-care journey.

Zoooooom! Join your fave instructors as we live stream classes straight into your home! Book into zoom classes via the app (just like you used to).