Find your path.

At Sydney Pole, we have three level categories to support your journey through many different class types.

Technique Levels

Starting at Foundations to progress to Technique 1, then all the way up to Technique 8.

Each Technique Level provides you with progressive, weekly skill building so you can nail your required prerequisites to move through each Technique Level for bigger challenges and combos higher up the pole!

When you first join our pole world as a beginner, you will start in:

Beginner Pole

This course is offered as a 5-Week and 10-Week course.

What is similar between 5-week and 10-week? They both have the purpose of teaching your a variety of pole tricks, combos and flow to give you the best support to get comfortable with pole dance.

What is the difference between the 5-week and 10-week? While the 10-Week course structure provides you to build on your skills from the previous week over the 10 consecutive weeks; the 5-Week course is uniquely designed to allow you to come in and be on the same page as everyone else.

What is my level progression if I’m starting with the 5-Week Course? At the end of the 5-Week course, you will progress into the 10-Week course. During the 10-week course you will gain even more foundation skills and work through your perquisites to move into Technique 1.

What is my level progression if I’m starting with the 10-Week Course? If you would love to do more classes each week, we welcome you to add the 5-Week course during the same term to your schedule as well. Access Level changes are instant on your Sydney Pole Account.

Once your instructor has given you the thumbs up and cheers for all your prerequisites at the end of Beginner Pole 10-Week course, you will be progressing to Technique 1!

From 5-Week Beginner Pole to 10-Week Beginner Pole to Technique 1, our Technique Levels go all the way up to Technique 8!

It is strongly recommend to attend the subsequent Technique course only once you are confidently executing your current Technique Level prerequisites. Your instructors are happy to advise when it is the best term for you to progress up!


Expand your tricks and dance flow skills.

Discover new skills in a unique area of movement and specialized dance styles.

Our progressive Exploration Levels are:

  1. Foundations
  2. Intermediate
  3. Experienced

If a class style is totally new for you – start in the Foundations Exploration Level to introduce yourself to the style and speak with your instructor when they would recommend you progress up these levels.

Our Exploration Levels are more widely defined than our Technique Levels. Please read the Class Description and Prerequisite notes available on the timetable when reserving to confirm specific details.


An open level class is for everyone! First timers to experienced, there will be something you’ll love to sweat in.

Our fitness, conditioning and flexibility classes are open to everyone. If it’s your first week, or your first year, the variety of courses will assist you mastering your pole and aerial skills in your Technique Level courses.