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All you need to do is be kind to yourself, we'll teach you everything else!


The foundational elements of pole dance – tricks, combinations and dance flow. With a weekly 1 hour class session each week, it’s the best starting point to build your confidence, master new skills and participate in a whole new world. We know it’s hard sometimes, but you will be proud of every moment.

Due to the weekly progressive structure of our 10-week and 5-week courses, we highly recommend you start your course from the advised start date. 10-week courses commence on Week 1 of term, and 5-week courses commence on Week 6 of term.

Hectic schedule, would like to know near future dates or feels like a bit of squeeze to work out if you can fit in a class? There’s always options to start at any time for those new to our community! Please contact Customer Care to see how our flexible reservation system will work for you.

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