March 15, 2021

Studio Updates

News South Wales, here is what is changing for Member Payments in 2021

This is an important notice regarding your Member Agreement.

You can view the new pricing and access the full details of this upcoming change here on the Sydney Pole website.

Thank you for being a committed member of the Sydney Pole community! We truly love sharing this passion with you and Sydney Pole wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for your dedication and desire to show up for classes week after week.

It is extremely important to us that we continue to improve your experience here at Sydney Pole and we are whole-heartedly invested in all areas of your student journey. This includes in your classes and in your studio’s student community as well as with the introduction of easy self service tools, access to technical assistance, and further training for our Customer Care team to support you outside the classroom.

In order to continue providing these ongoing improvements, keep our doors open and our vibrant community alive, it is necessary for the business to adapt to the changing economy and cost of inflation. A new pricing model has been finalised and we have kept the increase as small as viably possible.

What has changed since the closure?

Throughout 2020, the small Sydney Pole team were dedicated to providing you with:

  • Sydney Pole Online during mandatory shutdown,
  • Redesigning our membership contracts to allow for pay-as-you-go,
  • Accelerating the rollout of new self service features,
  • Improving the in-class experience with increased teacher development and resources, and
  • Establishing a dedicated Customer Care team to support all Sydney Pole students.

When will the price increase come into effect on my account?

For active Sydney Pole members residing in New South Wales, the pricing increase will be effective as of April 2, 2021 AEDT.

What are the important things I need to know?

  • The terms of your current Member Agreement have not been changed. This change will only affect your Member Payment amount to reflect the 2021 Services Pricing on your Sydney Pole Account in accordance with the current Member Terms.
  • From the changeover date, it may take up to 48 hours to display the updated information and prices for your scheduled Member Payments on your Sydney Pole Account.
  • All transactions in MindBody from April 2, 2021 onwards will be processed with the 2021 Services Pricing.
  • This change does not require you to take action and will automatically be applied to all active and suspended contracts on your Sydney Pole Account from April 2, 2021.
  • Changes will be in immediate effect on April 2, 2021 and continued usage of your Sydney Pole Account for our services after the date of change will constitute your acceptance of these changes.

Should you require assistance in reviewing or updating your Sydney Pole Account prior to this change, please contact Customer Care through

What are the new prices?

Please click here to review the upcoming List of Prices and Fees.


Your support and understanding through the wild ride that was 2020 has meant the world to us.

Thank you,
Sydney Pole

Last updated March 16, 2021