Community Standards

Sydney Pole encourages all students and visitors to do their part in creating and maintaining a safe space for all those who attend our studios.

Please be aware of those around you and treat everyone with the respect you’d expect to receive. Please ensure your conversations always reflect a high level of respect for your pole buddies, instructors, staff and visitors. This is your sanctuary, your escape from the daily grind.

All Sydney Pole Members, visitors and staff are expected to be mindful of how they may impact others and acknowledge the practical steps we can take as individuals.



We are mindful when we are:


Running late for our reservations.

Warm up is 10-15 mins, if you are running late the instructor or FOH Staff may refuse you entry to participate. This is for your own health and safety, a thorough warm up is important to prepare your body and mind for exercise.


Updating our reservations regularly.

Making sure to review your reservations regularly and cancelling anything we can no longer attend so others have an opportunity to go.


Taking photos or videos of our progress.

Film yourself, track your progress and share your wins with us! Always check with those around you before you set up your mobile devices such as mobile phones or iPads. Some people are unable to live their pole lives publicly. Please always ask for filming consent to those around you before filming, and if not accommodate to others by making sure to not include them in the background and put the device away if it’s not possible to protect others’ privacy with consent.


Participating in a class or practice session.

Please keep your belongings together and out of the way of other students, in designated storage areas. Please be polite to your instructor in class and considerate of other students in class and/or practice, and be mindful of your movement in a group setting to avoid clashing limbs and heels!


Communicating with your instructors.

Be sure to update your instructor at the start of classes of any illnesses / injuries / any other things instructor needs to be aware of to conduct a class. Always follow the directions of your instructors, staying off the apparatus when they are explaining and demonstrating. Be sure to pop your phone away to actively listen to their advice and remain in the room the full session to not miss out important information.


Engaging staff for help we are courteous and polite.

Our staff are ready to help you with all things Sydney Pole via front desk, phone call, SMS, email and resolve any queries / issues you may have at our best ability. Please communicate with courtesy and respect with our team members so they can assist you.


Using equipment and facilities.

Always keep the space you train in clean, ensuring you thoroughly wipe down all surfaces including the pole, crash mat, and the floor around your area before you depart class and/or practice session. Please store away any extra equipment such as crash mats, yoga blocks, spray bottles, and towels away in the designated storage space.


Feeling unwell or injured.

To practice self-awareness and stay home to recover if you are unwell. The instructor or FOH Staff may refuse you entry to participate. This is for your own health and safety, as well as for others.

Last updated March 6, 2023