Frequently Asked Questions


We have a mix from 38mm 40mm and 45mm poles depending on location.

In NSW: Penrith and Richmond both have 45mm chrome poles; Parramatta has 45mm brass poles; Gladesville has a mix of 38mm and 40mm brass poles; and Camperdown has a wide range of brass poles from 38mm, 40mm and 45mm diameters.

In QLD: Capalaba has 38mm brass poles, and Brisbane City has 40mm and 45mm brass poles.

Our poles are chrome or brass depending on location.

All our studios have brass pole options, except for Penrith and Richmond with Chrome poles only.

Different pole coatings suit different skins and weather, try out a few with your all location access!

Our poles are all commercial grade poles are from X-Pole or professional grade custom made equipment. All poles are mounted in our facilities and we conduct regular health checks and maintenance through the year.

Both! All locations include poles that are generally set to spin but have locking options to switch to static. Please speak with Front of House at the specific location to get more details on the static options available.

We a mix of silks, aerial hammock, trapeze and lyra (otherwise known as hoop) depending on the location.

Please see our timetables to see which studios offer courses for these apparatuses.

Defining your journey

With any Member Package giving you the freedom to attend all our locations, you will always find a range of classes that meet you where you’re at. We have Technique Levels, Exploration Levels and Open Fitness options you will see across our timetables. Please visit our Level Progressions and Technique Prerequisites for full details.

All first time attendees are eligible for a free assessment class. If you have had prior pole experience, just visit our Prerequisites page here to find out how. If you have never done pole before, check out our free trial offer!

Ideally, to become a well rounded pole dancer it is important to try different styles of classes and instructors. It is highly encouraged to maintain a weekly attendance to a Technique Level course each term, with a speciality routine or speciality tricks class you attend on a regularly basis. Additionally, Open Fitness classes done regularly assists with maintaining a balanced body, by building stamina and increasing mobility. This is the secret to hit those higher Technique Levels and preparing you for even bigger challenges!

This feature provides you with an automatic payment and alert system for when a spot opens up in a full session.

When you have any Active Sessions available during the Scheduling Window, your Sydney Pole Account will enable the Waitlist feature on sessions at full capacity. This allows you to notify our MindBody system that you agree to pay for the session if a spot becomes available for you. Essentially, you can hold the next opening in reserve for yourself to be notified.

When a spot opens up, you will receive an SMS notification to alert you to respond Y or N. It assumes your attendance if no response is provided. The system will always prioritise a student who replies over the original queue order of the waitlist. It’s important to reply Y or N to the SMS to avoid losing your spot or receiving a Late Cancel fee.

For more details, please see our Waitlist Reservation policy.

Can’t make a class or need to change your schedule? You can easily cancel your reservations through your Sydney Pole Account.

An Early Cancel means you cancelled the session 8 hours or more before the start time of the reservation. In this instance, the session will return to the Credit Allocation that paid for it, ready to be used again if it has not expired.

A Late Cancel means you cancelled within the 8 hour window before the start time of the reservation. In this instance, the session will not be returned to your account at all. Additionally, not attending your reserved session will also result in forfeiting that session.


As per the Sydney Pole Pty Ltd Terms & Conditions, you will be charged $14.80 for each time there is a default payment.

To avoid a dishonour fee of $14.80, settle this payment, or contact us within the next 24 hours. This dishonour fee will be automatically applied if we do not hear from you.

Changing your Access Level is free to do anytime. This How To Guide shows you how to change your Access Level through self service.

Please reach out to our Customer Care team, we are always willing to work with you for your unique situation.

This How To Guide provides a step by step on how to change the date your Member Payment occurs here.

This How To Guide shows you how to change your Member Package agreement.