Covid-Safety Practices

In accordance with current Government Guidelines January 2022, mask wearing is mandatory in all common areas including corridors, foyers, bathrooms and any indoor area where you cannot maintain a physical distance of 1.5m from other people.聽

You are not required to wear your mask in dance classes, but we strongly encourage wearing it in class where possible, to help keep everyone safe 馃 馃樂 Always remember to wear it when exiting classrooms.

Please bring your own equipment where possible, including pole towel, yoga mat, or anything else you may need for class. We have towels and mats available if you forget your own. Please use the provided cleaning supplies to disinfect these before and after use.

Current January 7th 2022: Our Camperdown studio is trialling the single-use towel system again, however we鈥檇 like to keep single-use at a minimum so we are not having a negative environmental impact through heavy washing. Please continue to bring your own pole towels if possible.

As throughout the pandemic, we encourage you to always keep 1.5M distance between yourself and others in all areas of our studios. Minimising contact still assists with slowing the spread, and coupled with our mask and ventilation strategies, everyone will be at a lower risk.

Absolutely, yes! Students and Staff must always check in using the QR codes provided at each studio.

Please help us help everyone, by remembering and reminding each other to complete your check-ins accurately, in accordance with NSW Health mandates.

You certainly do! 馃檪 Please continue to Sign In to your class through the Sydney Pole app. If you are unable to sign in through the app yourself, please ensure that your instructor signs you in during roll call.

If you are unwell, isolating or affected by Covid and cannot attend the studios.

Not a problem at all 馃檪 If you are affected by Covid, please reach out so we can arrange a solution to suit your needs as an individual!

There are a few options we may suggest, and we will tailor a personalised option to your needs. Options include but are not limited to:

A Membership Suspension

You may suspend your membership for a minimum of 2 weeks and maximum of 3 months. A suspension will pause your class expiry dates and payments.聽

Continue an Active Membership (and Receive Loads of Value!)
If you keep your membership active while in isolation we can offer you:聽

  • Access to Sydney Pole On Demand – unlimited classes to do at home – everything from fitness, dance, pole, stretching or meditation.
  • Any payments which process and release class credits during this time will accrue for use afterwards. We鈥檒l add them to your account鈥檚 Extension Pack so you can use these alongside your membership when you鈥檙e ready to return.

Extension Packs remain valid for 6 months alongside an active membership.

If you would like to keep your membership active and not suspend – we鈥檙e happy to be flexible with the validity of your Extension Pack so you have plenty of time to catch up on any accrued classes later 馃檪

We are more than happy to be lenient with Membership policies and exceptions at this time. If you are affected by Covid, isolation, testing, or your classes have been cancelled please contact us – we don鈥檛 want anyone to lose any class sessions due to factors outside of everyone鈥檚 control.聽

If you are concerned about your available credits reaching their expiry – please email us at, or text us on 0448 082 382 and our Customer Care Team will find a solution for you 馃檪

Yes we do! For all our students on an active membership, we continue to have online classes available on our On Demand site. This site was made available for our community during the 2020 and 2021 lockdowns and remains free of charge for all of our active members 馃檪

Sydney Pole On Demand provides a variety of options to suit everyone, no matter where they are on their journey. We provide relaxation and low impact classes for those who would like some gentle movement, through to full-on workouts and pole classes for those after a more energetic experience.聽

As always, you have any questions regarding On Demand access or recommendations within this channel, you are most welcome to contact our Customer Care team via or 0448 083 283 for personalised assistance.

Covid Testing and Positive Cases

NSW Health have determined our Sydney studios low risk for transmission, due to the size and nature of the buildings, our classroom set up and class sizes.聽

Anyone who may be in the studios at the same time as a potential Covid case will be directly alerted by NSW Health. The current Health advice for these individuals is to monitor for symptoms and complete a RAT test if symptoms arise.

NSW Health does not disclose the case鈥檚 identity or visit time to Sydney Pole and we would find out after the affected individuals do. If you have tested positive, please see the below question.聽

We will continue to monitor the situation and implement any measures that we and NSW Health deem appropriate.

If you are comfortable and willing to disclose your own Covid-19 status to us, you are most welcome to. Our Customer Care team will deal with your information with utmost discretion and sensitivity. It is not required or requested that you disclose your Covid-19 status to us, as we already receive notification directly from NSW Health.

Yes! Our amazing team of staff are incredibly diligent and proactive in self-monitoring, self-testing and isolating when required. We will continue to monitor the situation and will continue to reassess our strategies around testing for the future.

It is so important to us that our community feels safe 馃挏 If you have ideas, suggestions or recommendations to improve your in-studio experience, please reach out and provide feedback at any time via