Aerial Classes…so many benefits and so much fun! But why should you give it a swing?

...Because you are new to pole and looking for something to help you overcome your fears of going upside down? Or because are you looking for a new and engaging way to increase core strength and overall fitness? Maybe coz you want to try something super different? That’s why!

It’s no secret here at Sydney Pole that we are big fans of fun fitness classes, and Aerial based fitness Classes like Aerial Fit and Aerial Yoga are two such practices that can help with above!


So what’s the hang up with Aerial classes?
When you break it all down, Aerial Yoga (or other Aerial classes like Aerial Fit here at SP) is a derivative practice of the aerial apparatus, silk trapeze. Safe to say this is not your average yoga class. It was developed 20 years ago by an American dancer, Christopher Harrison who used the silks to attempt to form shapes seen in yoga, but just in the air...upside down. Though this might sound terrifying, it really is much easier to get started than one would think as the silks create a feeling of support and weightlessness that is not generally experienced in most fitness classes. This super dynamic workout became a fitness craze worldwide, and now we are lucky to be able to share Aerial yoga classes in the inner west with our Sydney Pole students!


What Aerial Classes does Sydney Pole offer?
Our Aerial classes use aerial hammocks or aerial silks to draw on a range of practices like yoga and pilates. It offers an amazing workout to build upper body strength and increase core strength, as well as overall conditioning and flexibility. Aerial Fit allows you to work on conditioning and strength exercises and also learn leg hangs, supported inversions and aerial combos. Aerial Yoga is a low-impact stretch class, moving through gentle yoga flows whilst utilising the slings.


Aerial Fitness Classes - There are about 1000 reasons why you need to try one.
Many people who try aerial fitness classes find that it helps them to feel more strong and balanced. The use of the hammock in aerial yoga and aerial fit classes support the weight of the body, and as you hang and twist inside of it, the deep core muscles are engaging to help stabilise you. This can lead to other benefits such as spinal decompression and better posture. Working within the hammock will not only help with core strengthening, upper body strength, and tone legs & arms, it will also allow you to get some low impact cardiovascular training and is great for joint mobility and stiffness. For those who are new to pole, the inventions training in Aerial Fit will help you overcome fears of going upside-down, as the hammock supports you as you attempt these inverted moves.


But wait, there’s more!
Studies around yoga practices such as aerial yoga show that time spent upside down can relieve back pain, decrease stress and also improve circulation. Though the studies are still small, the results have shown that hanging upside down is very efficient for stress relief and, in some cases, have even helped people avoid back and spinal surgery.

Here at Sydney Pole, you will not only reap all of the benefits of the Aerial practices, but also learn some fun and totally achievable combos that will make you feel like you could run away and join the circus. No pole or aerial experience is required to take these classes as variations will be give to all levels. Learn and watch what happens in our Aerial Fit and Aerial Yoga classes here!
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