We all know working out is good for you. It’s why we put up with the lactic acid burns and the sore-as-hell muscles the next day! But it’s also really important to try and aim for a fitness program that is varied and encompasses a range of different types of training. Our bodies are pretty amazing at cluing into what we’re doing on the reg and learning to adapt. This is why when certain exercises start getting too easy, we need to up the intensity or find other exercises to keep our bodies challenged.

High Intensity Training:

This is where you train hard for short bursts, with brief recovery periods in between. Pole Dance classes can offer this style of training, as they involve routine run throughs including pole combos and choreography that get the heart racing, the blood pumping and your body working at its max for bursts of 1-2mins.


Strength Training:

This involves the use of resistance to contract the muscles and build strength. All our pole classes utilise resistance training, especially in conditioning components where we use our body weight to help target and strengthen our muscles. Our Aerial Fit classes also offer aspects of strength training with the added support of the silk slings.


Core Training:

All those middle muscles, located in our back, abdomen and pelvis, help keep our body stable and supported and make it possible for us to move our body in all the wonderful ways. Our classes Hard Ass & Abs and Core Crunch focus on strengthening these muscles, keeping your body less injury-prone and also complimenting your general pole practice!

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Stretching is an essential part of keeping your muscles strong, healthy and flexible. The more flexible your muscles are, the better they are at supporting your joints so you can move around with  more comfort and ease. Stretching is an essential component of all of our classes (in our warm ups and cool downs!) and our Flexibility & Toning and Splits Challenge classes also focus on stretching as the main component!

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Research also shows that it’s also important to try and remain active just in our general day-to-day life. Seize any opportunity to get your body moving - even if it’s simply doing the vacuuming, grocery shopping, gardening or walking the dog! If you find yourself slumped in a desk chair for hours on end, set an alarm to get up and move around every 30mins. Take the stairs over the lift. Walk to work (if you can) instead of driving! Even these brief opportunities of physical activity will promote better general health and wellbeing!
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