It’s so frustrating. You show up to class, committed, ready to give everything a go, but you just can’t seem to make it happen.

This is incredibly common, not just when trying new moves but also when re-attempting moves we’ve totally nailed in the past.

There's a range of reasons why we might not be able to smash out those five-star pole tricks every single week. Maybe you’re especially tired this week, or you haven’t eaten properly? Perhaps you need to keep working on improving your strength or flexibility. What if you’ve just had a crappy week and everything feels more difficult.

Our bodies fluctuate by the hour, day by day, week by week. When we don’t have the luxury of having a 2hr nap halfway through our class, or turning the sweat-taps off from oozing out our slippery palms, one thing we can have control over is how we react to the situation.

  • Psych Yourself Out
It’s easy to start using negative self-talk, saying how crap you are and how you’ll never get the move. This pattern of thinking is destructive and actually wires your brain to a failure mentality. Plus, would you say this to another student in class struggling with a move? Didn’t think so. So quit saying it to yourself.
  • Psych Yourself Up Too Much
Sometimes it feels like a great idea to keep repeating over and over to yourself “Im gonna get this, Im gonna nail it, Im gonna do it.” This works great when you suddenly nail the move after, but what if you don’t? It just makes you feel more crappy about yourself.
  • Apologise To Your Instructor
You’re not in class to prove anything to your instructor, so please don’t apologise to them if you can’t get a move. They’re there to support you and never to judge you. You have nothing to be sorry for!

  • Be Kind To Yourself
Sometimes the biggest achievement is showing up! You’re doing an awesome thing for your body, being in a pole class. It’s super challenging and we all progress at different rates. Give yourself a mental high-five for making the effort, and you’re bound to get some strength & flexibility conditioning in the meantime!
  • Separate Yourself from Your Achievements/Failures
Often we over-identify with the things we do really well that a failure can feel like a crushing defeat. Churchill said it best when he said “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” So don’t let failed attempts dull your shine. You're so much more than what you can & can't do. And remember the only sure way to fail is by giving up altogether.
  • Find A Move That Makes You Feel Good
A pole-move might not be working for you today. So what!? Give it a few red hot cracks and let it go. Say you’ll come back to it next week, or revisit it in Practice Time. Jump back onto the pole and whip out a move that you love! Remind yourself of the amazing things you’ve already accomplished.
  • Celebrate Others
Sometimes it can be trying to see everyone smashing out a move and you’re still slumped on the floor like a squished cockroach. But you don’t know what everyone else’s pole-journeys have involved. You don’t know what everyone does outside of class. Be happy and celebrate others as they make progress! It’s always amazing to see what the body can achieve and it’s great to support people’s hard work and commitment!

Psychology plays a huge roll in what the body can do, so think of these tips as conditioning for your brain! Catch yourself when an unhelpful thought arises and replace it with something constructive. Remember, you’re kicking ass - even on days when you can’t seem to hold on.



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