So summer is done, bikinis have been banished back to the far reaches of your wardrobe, hot chocolates suddenly seem like a good idea again AND the new season of Game of Thrones is just about to start. (...anyone else think Ramsay Bolton is kinda hot?).

Ramsay Bolton

Sometimes it feels like the world is conspiring against your will to stay fit. But it is in these dark times that we must unite to maintain our rigs and guns so we can keep feeling good about our bodies, clear our heads, and maintain kick-ass habits that help make it easier to deal with life. Here are some neat tips to keep you on the right track when you’re feeling like Burger Rings are winning out over booty shorts.

Why Cant We Have Both


Got that one pole move that you wanna get but seems completely unattainable? Or always wanted to learn a sexy lap dance routine that you can spring on your significant other? Set yourself some goals, and work towards them every week. This will keep you on track with your conditioning, help you stick to your training schedule and when you eventually nail that move or give your partner the lap dance of THEIR LIFE you’ll have cold, hard, toe-pointed proof that you can set goals and smash ‘em!

Smashing Goals


Sometimes after a long day at work it can feel like heaps of effort to keep your workout plans - especially when it’s already dark outside  and someone (you) bought a carton of Maggie Beer’s Burnt Fig, Honeycomb and Caramel Ice Cream last week. If this is you, and you can’t trust yourself not to slink home and make a b-line for the freezer, get up early and get your training done and dusted! We’ve got Barre Classes from 6 and 7am which you can finish up before work starts and then not have the mad guilts when you scoop into that sweet, sweet dessert later on.

Ice Cream


They say that “no one ever regretted a workout” and aside from that one time I went to do a relaxing yoga class and the whole time they played club-house remixes of Jungle Boogie at a deafening volume, I’d say that’s true. Exercise releases those feel-good endorphins, and gives us the much needed time and space to focus on our physical wellbeing. We’ve all got that pesky voice in our head trying to talk us into taking the lazy option, but honestly you’ll always feel better for staying strong and giving priority to your workout.




My mum used to tell me to keep all my gross, old clothes instead of chucking them out so I could wear them to the gym. But I never went to the gym - so jokes on you, mum. But you know the feeling when you buy a new dress or jeans and wear them out for the first time and feel fleek as hell? Well, sometimes you gotta treat yourself to some shiny new Pleaser heels or booty shorts to inject some fresh motivation into your workout. You’ll be surprised how good it feels to chuck on some brand new activewear, get sweaty and feel fabulous!



There’s nothing like working out with a friend to guilt you into coming to class when you usually would’ve just gone home and played The Sims for 14 consecutive hours. Having a pal to work out with makes you more inclined to stick to your fitness plan because you can keep each other motivated and help track each other’s progress. Finding a friend with the same size shoe as you is also a bonus when you want to nick their neon pink stilettos for Sexy Floorwork.




Sure, work is important - we all gotta eat. But sometimes we forget to put a priority on looking after ourselves! And what could be more important than that? After all, if our bodies aren’t working, we aint working. Research shows that people who exercise are far more productive at work than those who don’t, so staying fit keeps you working better at work AND at life.

Feel Fabulous

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