Friday Teacher Feature: CYNTHIA

We are nuts about our featured instructor Cynthia and all the lols and muscles she's helped bring to the Sydney Pole family this year! Not only is she a gun on the pole, but Cynthia is also a university trained Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist, and has been in the fitness industry for over eight years. Prior to discovering pole dancing, Cynthia had no background in dance; her main form of exercise was distance running. She decided to try pole dancing in 2011 after seeing a flyer for a local studio in Cairns, QLD. In 2012 she returned to Sydney and began classes at Suzi Q Pole Studio, and since then has attended classes at many different studios with the goal of learning from a variety of instructors.

Cynthia entered her first pole dancing competition in February 2014, Vertical Limits at The Ranch Hotel, and won the Amateur division with her Lara Croft inspired routine. In an effort to ‘keep up with the boys’ she prefers the strength and power moves, and loves the unique challenges offered by working on a static pole.

We stung Cynthia with our juicy Q&A to find out a bit more about this fit and fabulous female, and learn more about her unique approach to training and pole dancing.

How did you get in to pole dancing?

I started this on a bet. A girlfriend mentioned that the local pole dance studio was holding beginner's courses and she bet me that I would fall on my face during my first lesson. So we both booked an 8 week term and I won myself a dinner (fell on my butt actually so won on a technicality :D). 

What are your favourite styles of dance?

I'm suppose to pick? So... gun to head and I have to pick.... I would say: 

- Anything a little contemporary 

- Anything a little interpretive 

- Anything with a narrative 

What’s your training schedule?

Aside from teaching, I ensure that I train my own pole tricks twice a week (and stretch at the end of those pole sessions), go to yoga or pilates once a week and fit in a gym session (focusing on just legs) once a week. I have old hamstring injuries from distance running so the gym helps to keep my hamstrings healthy. You hear of some people who train pole EVERYDAY and I just don't know how they do it. Rest and yoga do amazing things for my body too! 

What are your favourite conditioning exercises?

Anything shoulder-mount related and all variations of reverse crunches. I'm all about the abs, abs, abs. 

What are your favourite stretches?

I love stretching out my hip flexors - so anything focusing on my hip flexors (e.g. against the wall, lying hero pose). Since focusing on them, I've become more flexible in my back and my splits have improved drastically.  

Favourite songs to pole to?

Songs without words. Nathan Lanier is my hero. 

What did you find the hardest when you first started pole?

The co-ordination! Body rolls were awkward, stepping around the pole was difficult and having to count to 8....forget it. 

What three words sum up your approach to pole?




Favourite post-pole snack?

I'm a sucker for mixed nuts with a punnet of strawberries. 

Who is your pole idol, and why?

Yvonne Smink. She is an explorer of movement from the seemingly simple flows to the most complex combos. The diversity of her dance expressions BLOWS MY MIND!!

What are your 2016 goals?

- Conquer more back bendy moves that have always eluded me - e.g. serpentine/coccoon.  

- Focus more on static pole flow. 

- To not fall over in high heels and body roll in them without putting my back out. 


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