Little Ways to Stay Fit Every Day

Keeping fit is tough - especially because it takes a hell of a lot more effort than sitting in bed watching the entire season of House of Cards whilst polishing off a whole bucket of Ben & Jerry’s Choc Fudge Brownie. We know that keeping fit makes our bodies stronger, our heads’ clearer, and makes us feel so damn good about LIFE, but with our busy schedules full of stuff like work and friends and cat videos on YouTube, it can be hard to find the time to work out for hours on end every day! The good news is that there are little, simple things that you can do to everyday to keep your head in the game and keep your bod fighting fit!

Walk More

“Walking is good for you” said everyone ever. Try jumping off your bus or train a few stops earlier and while you’re strolling, suck in your belly and butt to turn on your leg and ab muscles. Pick up the speed and get your arms into it for a neat little cardio workout, and extra points for taking the stairs over the lift or escalator. If you can parkour everywhere, that’s probably pretty good for you too, but you might get some weird looks.



Activate Those Muscles

Whether you’re carrying home your groceries, doing the vacuuming or scrolling through your new boyfriends' ex’s Instagram feed, think about your body, your posture, and really engage any muscles you’re using (even ones you’re not!). Not only will it help you to be vigilant about activating your muscles properly when you’re doing your official workouts, but it’ll also remind you that you are fierce, fabulous and committed to fitness and don’t need to look at ugly photos of your partner’s ex in order to feel better about things.



Set Yourself Mini-Challenges

Go on, be “that guy” at the office and propose a wall sit, or dare your housemates to try and “out-plank” you (put on Elle King’s ‘Ex’s & Oh’s for Eskhar’s special brand of Hard Ass & Abs torture). I like to put my playlist on shuffle, and when a certain daggy Keith Urban song comes on, I lie down and do stomach crunches to it. Now, you might not be in a position to suddenly sprawl on the ground and pump your body to contemporary country songs, but it’s a nice idea to keep things spontaneous and try and integrate some exercises, however small, into your daily routine.



Rustle Up Some Inspiration

In this whirlwind we call life, it’s easy to lose sight of what we started working towards when we pledged to finally get fit. Watch videos, save photos or pin quotes to your desktop of people and things that inspire you to stay committed to your fitness goals. My boyfriend always encourages me to keep motivated by putting on Eric Prydz’ ‘Call On Me’ music video over and over and over. (He is very supportive.)



Stay Hydrated

Water? More like liquid gold! (lol jks, that’s wine). But water keeps our bodies hydrated, and is the natural cleanser for our organs and digestive system so it’s kind of important. It also helps in flushing out toxins, and keeps our skin clear and healthy. So just drink the damn stuff. It’s good for you.



Find a Fitness Friend

Friends are fun, especially the ones who help you get up off the couch and away from the Pringles. Studies show that people who work out with friends are more likely to stay dedicated to their fitness goals in the long run. Plus it’s always nice to have some company when working out (and living proof that you got off your lazy ass and did some exercise).



Get Your Beauty Sleep

Aurora in Sleeping Beauty didn’t look that damn fleek for nothing. Catching some Zzz’s is waaaay more important than I ever realised when cultivating a healthy lifestyle. Not only does it boost your mood and help get rid of those designer bags under your eyes, it also helps to recharge and repair the body and benefits your heart, weight, mind and more. So next time you pull an allnighter, you better be half naked in a hotel room with Ryan Gosling, otherwise, just get some sleep.



Workout for Fun

Exercising is much less painful when you stop slaving away doing stuff you hate, and find something you love to do (Like pole dancing, duh!) It’s different for everyone, so it’s really worth taking the time to try a bunch of new things to see what you enjoy and what works best with your body. Run, lift, swim, spin - just get out and there explore! Getting fit always feels better when you forget you’re working out and have fun!


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