Meet our longest standing instructor Missy :)

How and why did you get in to pole dancing?

A friend of mine saw an ad in MX magazine for pole dancing classes in February 2004. It was for the first ever pole classes available to the general public in Sydney (and possibly Australia).

I thought it sounded like fun and a great way to combine my love of gymnastics and dancing. After my first lesson I wanted to cry. I was overwhelmed, disheartened and defeated because it seemed so difficult. Determination took over… and here I am 11 years later.

I remember calling my mum afterwards and saying “you wouldn’t believe it- I saw a woman hanging by just one leg” It was an inside leg hang (Gemini) and I thought it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen!

What do you love about pole dancing?

I love that pole feels like a ground based aerial apparatus. It has the ability to incorporate both the floor and air. I also love that you can add your own personality and style to it- sexy, lyrical, hip hop, salsa, robotic etc! 

What do you hope to teach your students? 

Pole dancers come in all shapes, sizes and genders! I hope that I make my enthusiasm contagious and that the studio is their happy place for at least one hour per week.

Career highlights

Getting selected for Miss Pole Dance Australia in 2008 and 2009 was a huge deal for me. There weren’t as many competitions then and it was the most prestigious. I also placed 2nd in the Women’s division of the Australian Pole Dance Championships in 2009. As much as I don’t like competing, it is a great opportunity to showcase what you do on a larger scale and get your name out there.

I’ve had some amazing performance opportunities since discovering pole dancing. Creating my solo show, Love, Loss and Lattes, last year ticked some huge goals I had set myself- I hope it is only the beginning.

How do you go about creating a routine?

I was quite methodical about it at first.  I would write down a list of moves or combos that I wanted to incorporate. The most impressive tricks and combos I’d put in the big parts of the music (for most pop songs it is the chorus). I would then choreograph smaller tricks and floor work as rest time in between (usually the verses).


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