Here are 5 things to Love about Pole Dancing!

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Pole is an awesome way meet amazing people, the world over.  No matter where I go, I know if there’s a pole studio, there’s a place for me to learn, train, have fun and goof around.

Dancing is amazing for your body and mind.  There’s no better feeling than expressing yourself physically to music that you love.  One of the best things about dancing is everyone does it in their own way, there’s no right or wrong as long as you’re expressing yourself.

Fitness Gains
Pole dancing provides an immediate and accurate way of measuring your fitness gains, strength, flexibility and endurance are all tested every time you do it, one day you’ll get that move you’ve been working on and you’ll be looking to the next challenge.  It’s an incredible motivator too, the fitter and flexier you are, the easier tricks will come, I’ll measure my fitness spinning through the air, thanks!

Just this week I was in a class where a fellow student got her hangback – a move that she’d been training for 5 years, every person in the class applauded and shrieked as it happened because they understood what she had to overcome (physically and mentally) to master that move.  One person’s gain inspires the whole group to keep training and working towards their own goals, it’s a beautiful thing.

I’ve been a monkey, a spaceship, Michael J Fox, a magic carpet and many more things.
There’s no other forum in my adult life where it’s totally acceptable and celebrated for me to let my imagination run wild and create whatever performance I want.  Not only can I create it, but we’re so lucky at Sydney Pole that the studio creates a forum for students to perform their creations in a totally supportive environment.

With love,

Emma Hoy xx


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