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We love any excuse to fly here at Sydney Pole and thanks to our huge array of Aerial fitness classes, it's now easier and more fun than ever! From Aerial Hammock, to Silks, Trapeze & Lyra, there are a range of apparatus' that you can try and which can add a unique, fun and challenging element to your fitness training! Here are a few reasons why you need to get your beautiful butt into an aerials class, like, now... Read More


As a strong-minded woman I've felt my own pressure to move up Pole levels, but due to a few injuries, my pole journey has taken me back to where I began. I'd often get twinges of envy when I would see others progress up levels or get a trick/combo/spin that I was struggling with. At times, I'd go home feeling defeated (I’m sure some of you know the feeling!) Read More


We are excited to announce MISS FILLY WORKSHOPS happening this August at Sydney Pole!!! The two-time Miss Pole Dance Australia winner and 2017 Australian Pole Champion is in town taking two, 1hr workshops at our Camperdown studio. These include an all-levels Floorwork Workshop and a Signature Tricks Workshop for Intermediate/Advanced students both happening on Sunday 12th August.  These workshops are open to all polers (not just Sydney Pole students) but places are limited! Don't miss your chance to learn from one of Australia's Pole Dancing legends! More info and book in HERE. Read More


I started pole about a year ago and ever since my first trial class, I haven’t looked back. I saw an ad by Sydney Pole on Facebook that said try a free class, I pondered over it for a few months, the ad kept coming, I kept ignoring it but I was always intrigued by it. I kept ignoring it because I wasn’t sure what my parents would say, what my in-laws would say, what my friends back in India would say. Read More


Sydney Pole is excited to announce that we are expanding to a third location! From the 19th of March, Suzie Q Pole Studio will become Sydney Pole Parramatta, joining Camperdown and Penrith in the Sydney Pole family of studios. Luna Watts, who many of you know from taking her classes around Sydney, will take on the role of Studio Manager of the new studio and will teach at both Camperdown and Parramatta. Your Sydney Pole class passes are valid at all our locations - buy one class pass, take classes at Parramatta, Penrith, or Camperdown. With Parramatta joining our Camperdown and Penrith studios, Sydney Pole is committed to delivering an unrivalled pole and fitness experience, whichever studio you call home. Read More


Women are told explicitly and implicitly to reduce their magic in so many ways. There are many false dichotomies telling women they can be this or that – sexy OR smart, athletic OR into fashion, hot OR a nerd… but not both. Read More


The pole straddle! Often up there as one of those nemesis pole tricks that takes plenty of training and technique to nail! We've put together this little vid to help you get to know a few of the different types of straddles you might come across in your pole journey and a few tips and tricks to get them stronger, smoother and feeling better than ever! Read More


We are so excited to announce the re-launch of our Sydney Pole - Camperdown studio from 8th Jan, 2018! Our new space will have 7 NEW ROOMS, HEAPS OF NEW CLASSES and a SLEEK NEW LOOK courtesy of Siren Design. We cannot WAIT to show this amazing space off to you soon! Read More


Pole-dancing is no walk in the park as far as workouts go. In fact, lifting your entire body weight, spinning around on a pole, going upside down and discovering shoulder muscles you didn’t know existed is pretty much the polar opposite of a low-key Sunday park stroll. I’ve found myself super brain dead on more than one occasion during the second hour of two back-to-back pole classes, barely able to focus, let alone lift myself into one more ‘Bat’. Major kudos to actual pole dancers who do this for a living working long shifts, because it’s freaking tiring. So, what’s the key to not casually dying during pole? The answer, I’ve discovered, is snacks. I don’t mean a whole meal - most of us don’t want to eat a super intense bowl of pasta right before class. But if you don’t fuel up, you’re going to fade fast. Read More


You know the feeling – you’ve just started to progress in pole class and you’ve begun to work on getting that straddle invert. You’re working harder and feeling stronger as your skills improve, and then…OUCH. There’s that pain which will be familiar to many pole dancers – chest pain starting at the back as you drop out of your straddle. You’ve come down – you’ve felt a twinge between your shoulder blades or in your side, then the pain starts. There are a number of different types of rib injuries that happen with pole dancing and aerials. Some last a few days, some last weeks. Others can go on for months. When this happens, it's super important to get advice from someone who has a good depth of knowledge of pole dancer’s injuries, and can help you get answers to some key questions like - can you keep up your pole practice, how long will it take to recover, and what exactly is it? Read More

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