Steph instructs the following:
  • Never tried Pole Dancing before? Our Pole Dance Intro classes are the perfect way to come and try it out!
    Pole Dancing is not only great for increasing your fitness level, toning up, losing weight, it also makes you feel really positive about yourself. It's fun, and definitely beats going to the gym.
    WHAT TO WEAR: Please bring a pair of shorts, a singlet or t-shirt and a bottle of water. Try to avoid putting too much cream or oil on your hands and legs prior to class, and please remove all jewellery on your hands and wrists before class.
    We're located upstairs at 176 Parramatta Road, Camperdown. If you're driving you can park in the bus lane outside the studio on week  nights after 7pm, 10am - 3pm week days, then anytime over the weekend. If it's outside of these hours, you can park anywhere on the side streets off Parramatta Road.
    WHAT TO WEAR: Bring a pair of shorts, or leggings that roll above the knee. No jewellery on your hands or wrists, and try to avoid lotions and creams on your hands and legs prior to class!

    We are really looking forward to meeting you, and can't wait to dance with you!

  • This is our 5-Week Beginners Pole course! Perfect for those who'd like to start with a shorter course. No pole experience necessary - here you'll learn your very first steps & spins around the pole, along with your very first routine!
    You will learn basic spins, how to move around the pole, as well as how to climb up the pole.
    If you want to come along to try a class before signing up, visit our website and sign up for one of our Free Pole Intro classes:
    We look forward to dancing with you!
    WHAT TO WEAR: Wear/bring some exercise shorts and a t-shirt or singlet. We do the class in bare feet, but you may also want to bring some heels to practice your routine in (totally optional!)

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