Vanessa instructs the following:
  • This is our "mini" beginners course! Perfect for those who'd like to start with a shorter course. No pole experience necessary - here you'll learn your very first steps & spins around the pole, along with your very first routine!
    You will learn basic spins, how to move around the pole, as well as how to climb up the pole.
    If you want to come along to try a class before signing up, visit our website and sign up for one of our free trial classes:
    We look forward to dancing with you!
    WHAT TO WEAR: Wear/bring some exercise shorts and a t-shirt or singlet. We do the class in bare feet, but you may also want to bring some heels to practice your routine in (totally optional!)

  • Never tried Pole Dancing before? Our Pole Dance Intro classes are the perfect way to come and try it out!
    Pole Dancing is not only great for increasing your fitness level, toning up, losing weight, it also makes you feel really positive about yourself. It's fun, and definitely beats going to the gym.
    WHAT TO WEAR: Please bring a pair of shorts, a singlet or t-shirt and a bottle of water. Try to avoid putting too much cream or oil on your hands and legs prior to class, and please remove all jewellery on your hands and wrists before class.
    We're located upstairs at 176 Parramatta Road, Camperdown. If you're driving you can park in the bus lane outside the studio on week  nights after 7pm, 10am - 3pm week days, then anytime over the weekend. If it's outside of these hours, you can park anywhere on the side streets off Parramatta Road.
    We are really looking forward to meeting you, and can't wait to dance with you!

  • CHAIR & LAP DANCE (Open Class)
  • Looking to spice up your fitness routine? In our Chair & Lap dance classes, you'll learn some sexy moves that are actually a really great workout!
    This class incorporates Chair & Lap technique, including chair tricks, lap dance technique, and ways to move on and around the chair. You'll also learn a sexy routine... perfect to learn just for fun, or to share with someone special!
    You'll learn a new routine every two weeks and at the end of week 8, the class will select a routine for Showcase! Drop ins are welcome anytime except Week 10.

    WHAT TO WEAR: Wear regular workout gear. Knee pads or leg warmers are recommended to protect your knees. Feel free to bring your heels too! 
    Check out our range of classes here:

  • YOGA NIDRA (Meditation Open Class)
  • What is Yoga Nidra? The art of letting go… Breathe, Regenerate, Grow.
    Yoga Nidra is a unique form of yoga that can help you balance the stress of everyday life. It is a state of being where the mind is trained to let go of the external world and instead reflect inward. The practice aims to induce profound muscular, mental & emotional relaxation, allowing the energy in the body to flow freely, initiating the ‘Relaxation Response’.
    The practice may assist in bringing about a state of deep peace, clarity and acceptance. This is done through gentle stretching, breathing exercises and a period of stillness and guided meditation. It is one of the easiest and most enduring ways to encourage a true state of deep relaxation and regeneration of the entire body/mind.

  • POLE FIT (Brunch Fit Class)
  • Whether you've ever been interested in trying pole dance or not, there's no doubt it's an amazing workout! This class will focus specifically on the fitness element of pole, using the pole to help support you in exercises and to target your upper body, core & legs. No dance, pole, gymnastics or other experience required!
    Open to all levels, no prior experience required.

    WHAT TO WEAR: Regular activewear is perfect for this class! Class is done in bare feet.

  • STRESS RELIEF (Brunch Fit Class)
  • We lead busy, multi-tasking lives and often it's hard to take time out for ourselves to de-stress! This class allows you to take 45 minutes just for YOU. A combination of yoga-inspired stretching & guided meditation will ensure you leave refreshed, relaxed and re-centred.
    Open to all levels, no prior experience required.

    WHAT TO WEAR: Anything you feel comfortable and can move easily in, activewear or otherwise.

  • AERIAL YOGA (Brunch Fit Class)
  • Our Aerial Yoga class is a low-impact, full-body workout designed to get you centred and aligned. This class is a fusion of yoga flow and pilates, using the silk hammock to achieve supported poses and weightlessness.
    Open to all levels, no prior experience required.
    WHAT TO WEAR: Please wear clean socks, leggings & a top that covers your armpits (long sleeves or t-shirt). No zips or jewellery please!

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