Sara instructs the following:
  • This is our 10-Week Term Beginners Class, perfect for anyone who hasn't tried pole dancing before! You will learn basic spins, how to move around the pole, as well as how to climb up the pole. By the end of the 10-Week Term, you will have also learned a fun routine!
    You'll be amazed at what your body can achieve throughout the 10 weeks, and you'll be excited to be able to show off your newly found skills to all your friends and family at our end of term Showcase night. There is absolutely no pressure to perform, but after the 10 weeks we have a feeling you'll want to :)
    WHAT TO WEAR: Wear/bring some exercise shorts and a t-shirt or singlet. We do the class in bare feet, but you may also want to bring some heels to practice your routine in (totally optional!)
    Check out all of our Dance routines here:

  • Never tried Pole Dancing before? Our Pole Dance Intro classes are the perfect way to come and try it out!
    Pole Dancing is not only great for increasing your fitness level, toning up, losing weight, it also makes you feel really positive about yourself. It's fun, and definitely beats going to the gym.
    WHAT TO WEAR: Please bring a pair of shorts, a singlet or t-shirt and a bottle of water. Try to avoid putting too much cream or oil on your hands and legs prior to class, and please remove all jewellery on your hands and wrists before class.
    WHAT TO WEAR: Bring a pair of shorts, or leggings that roll above the knee. No jewellery on your hands or wrists, and try to avoid lotions and creams on your hands and legs prior to class!

    We are really looking forward to meeting you, and can't wait to dance with you!

  • HARD ASS & ABS (Open Class)
  • If you're after a 6-pack or luscious legs, Hard Ass and Abs will tone your body where it counts! Designed to lift your butt and cut your waist; feel the burn and get results!
    This is a mat-based class, open to all levels, where a series of exercises are done to an up-beat and pumping playlist specifically designed to get you in the mood to work!
    WHAT TO WEAR: Regular workout wear is best for this class. Class will be done in bare feet or socks.
    Check out our range of classes here:

  • BARRE (Open Class)
  • Exclusive to Sydney Pole, Barre is a low impact but high intensity workout based on Ballet and Pilates principles that will sculpt your body!

    Barre is for all fitness levels and it’s the perfect complimentary workout alongside your pole dancing! 

    Dance, sweat, strengthen and lengthen your muscles, you’ll love the results and it will help you achieve your pole goals all at the same time. Everyone welcome!

    WHAT TO WEAR: Regular activewear is perfect for this class! Be prepared to sweat! 

    Watch a video for Barre here:

    Check out our range of classes here:


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