Louise has been a pole addict for 5 years, with a few breaks to add to her beautiful family! When starting pole she says she wanted to "feel and be sexy" and since then she's discovered that pole not only gives you sexy but also laughter, friendship, awesome muscles, and a home away from home! She's now developed her own style - sexy goofy - which she says is totally a thing.
Lou is always one for a chat and loves to bring the social into the studio - so stop and say hi whenever you're in!

Louise instructs the following:
  • You will need to be confident with your layout, ankle grab & bat, and cross leg hang back in order to take Technique 2.

    Core Moves learned in Technique 2 include your straddle, outside leg hang and caterpillar.

    By the end of the term you'll be officially addicted - the perfect time to introduce some faster spins and combos, and for you to really get used to hanging upside down!

  • DANCE 2
  • You will need to have completed Technique 1 to commence Dance 2. It is important that you feel confident with your layout, ankle grab & bat and cross leg hangback before commencing Dance 2.

    We recommend doing Technique 2 and Dance 2 in the same term. In Dance 2 you will learn a dance routine over 10 weeks. The routine uses moves from the Technique 2 syllabus, so it's important to do Dance 2 in conjunction with Technique 2.

    Our Dance classes are a great way to increase your stamina, as well as making everything look more fluid on and around the pole.

    Check out all of our Dance routines here: http://sydneypole.com/routines

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