Ryder has a background in gymnastics, and absolutely love spinning upside down at the top of the pole! You may have seen her recently competing as a finalist in Miss Pole Dance Australia 2016 - she is recognisable by her famous six-pack! She also placed as second runner up in Double Vision this year with fellow instructor Chris (Blue Phoenix).

Ryder instructs the following:
  • You will need to be confident with your layout, ankle grab & bat, and cross leg hang back in order to take Technique 2.

    Core Moves learned in Technique 2 include your straddle, outside leg hang and caterpillar.

    By the end of the term you'll be officially addicted - the perfect time to introduce some faster spins and combos, and for you to really get used to hanging upside down!

  • DANCE 2
  • You will need to have completed Technique 1 to commence Dance 2. It is important that you feel confident with your layout, ankle grab & bat and cross leg hangback before commencing Dance 2.

    We recommend doing Technique 2 and Dance 2 in the same term. In Dance 2 you will learn a dance routine over 10 weeks. The routine uses moves from the Technique 2 syllabus, so it's important to do Dance 2 in conjunction with Technique 2.

    Our Dance classes are a great way to increase your stamina, as well as making everything look more fluid on and around the pole.

    Check out all of our Dance routines here: http://sydneypole.com/routines

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