Ryder has a background in gymnastics, and absolutely love spinning upside down at the top of the pole! You may have seen her recently competing as a finalist in Miss Pole Dance Australia 2016 - she is recognisable by her famous six-pack! She also placed as second runner up in Double Vision this year with fellow instructor Chris (Blue Phoenix).

Ryder instructs the following:
  • You will need to be confident in your straddle on both sides, advanced jamilla, straight leg hang back, outside leg hang, inside leg hang & butterfly.

    Core moves learned in Technique 4 include the extended butterfly, aerial straddle and shoulder mount.

    Welcome to bruise territory! This is where we learn to really support our bodyweight in addition to some more difficult (and impressive) spins and inverted combos.

  • DANCE 3
  • You will need to have completed Technique 2 to commence Dance 3. It is important that you feel confident with your straddle (both sides, controlled and unassisted), outside leg hang and caterpillar.

    We recommend doing Technique 3 and Dance 3 in the same term. In Dance 3 you will learn a dance routine over 10 weeks. The routine uses moves from the Technique 3 syllabus, so it's important to do Dance 3 in conjunction with Technique 3.

    Our Dance classes are a great way to increase your stamina, as well as making everything look more fluid on and around the pole.

    Check out all of our Dance routines here: http://sydneypole.com/routines

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