Karly's dirty little secret is that she actually hates "exercising"! The idea of slogging it out at the gym sends shivers up her spine, which is why she started pole dancing. She loves that coming to the studio never feels like exercise - it feels fun. It's just a side bonus that you get fit, toned and gain tons of strength! She's loves performing and enjoys the versatility of pole - sometimes it's donning heels and putting on some sexy music, and sometimes it's dorky dancing!

Karly instructs the following:
  • AERIAL YOGA (Brunch Fit Class)
  • Our Aerial Yoga class is a low-impact, full-body workout designed to get you centred and aligned. This class is a fusion of yoga flow and pilates, using the silk hammock to achieve supported poses and weightlessness.
    Open to all levels, no prior experience required.
    WHAT TO WEAR: Please wear clean socks, leggings & a top that covers your armpits (long sleeves or t-shirt). No zips or jewellery please!

  • BARRE XPRESS (Brunch Fit Class)
  • Our famous SP BARRE workout is packed into a special Brunch Fit 45 minute express class. Based on ballet & pilates principles, you're guaranteed to get a great workout to achieve a full-body tone!
    Open to all levels, no prior experience required.
    WHAT TO WEAR: Regular activewear is perfect for this class! Class is done in bare feet. Be prepared to sweat!

  • CHAIR & LAP DANCE (Open Class)
  • Looking to spice up your fitness routine? In our Chair & Lap dance classes, you'll learn some sexy moves that are actually a really great workout!
    This class incorporates Chair & Lap technique, including chair tricks, lap dance technique, and ways to move on and around the chair. You'll also learn a sexy routine... perfect to learn just for fun, or to share with someone special!
    You'll learn a new routine every two weeks and at the end of week 8, the class will select a routine for Showcase! Drop ins are welcome anytime (except Week 10).

    WHAT TO WEAR: Wear regular workout gear. Knee pads or leg warmers are recommended to protect your knees. Feel free to bring your heels too! 
    Check out our range of classes here: http://sydneypole.com/class-types

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