Emma instructs the following:
  • Are you ready to commit to your Splits?
    Splits are always on the 'Goals' list for many pole dancers - so why not take part in our Splits Challenge and really commit to getting those splits?
    You will learn techniques to develop your front, middle and straddle splits, and will document your progress over the term.
    WHAT TO WEAR: Leggings, knee pads or leg warmers are advised to protect your knees. Socks are also useful to help you smoothly slide out into your splits. 
    Check out our range of classes here: http://sydneypole.com/class-types

  • BARRE (Open Class)
  • Exclusive to Sydney Pole, Barre is a low impact but high intensity workout based on Ballet and Pilates principles that will sculpt your body!

    Barre is for all fitness levels and it’s the perfect complimentary workout alongside your pole dancing! 

    Dance, sweat, strengthen and lengthen your muscles, you’ll love the results and it will help you achieve your pole goals all at the same time. Everyone welcome!

    WHAT TO WEAR: Regular activewear is perfect for this class! Be prepared to sweat! 

    Watch a video for Barre here:

    Check out our range of classes here:


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