Missy started pole dancing in early 2004 and saw it as a perfect way to combine her gymnastics and dance training. She was instantly in love... and bruised. She developed from eager student, to teacher and performer. Missy has competed nationally in Miss Pole Dance Australia in 2009 & 2010 and placed 2nd in the Womens Freestyle Division of the Australian Pole Dance Championships in 2009. Fusing her love of contemporary dance with her imaginative, quirky choreography, Missy has been shattering the strip club stereotype of pole dancing locally, interstate, and internationally.

Missy instructs the following:
  • This class is for anyone who wants to improve their flexibility on and off the pole. Flexibility & Toning will work on your whole body flexibility and increase your strength. You will then be able to apply your flexy gains & strength directly to your pole-work!
    If you aren't flexible at all, that's ok! This is exactly what this class is there for. If you're super flexible, we provide variations to make it harder for you. 
    This is a really great addition to your weekly fitness routine, you'll notice a big improvement with your fitness gains.
    WHAT TO WEAR: Socks, leggings, leg warmers or knee pads are a great idea to cover your knees for floor-based stretches. 
    Check out our range of classes here: http://sydneypole.com/class-types

  • You will need to be confident with your extended butterfly, aerial straddle and shoulder mount from the floor.
    Key moves worked on in Technique 5 include your split-grip ayesha, brass monkey, aerial straddles on both sides & shoulder mount into leg hangs.
    We recommend adding at least one conditioning and one flexibility class per week into your training schedule at Technique 5 level, in order to ensure your body is appropriately conditioned and prepared for advanced pole.

  • You will need to be confident in your straddle on both sides, advanced jamilla, straight leg hang back, outside leg hang, inside leg hang & butterfly.

    Core moves learned in Technique 4 include the extended butterfly, aerial straddle and shoulder mount.

    Welcome to bruise territory! This is where we learn to really support our bodyweight in addition to some more difficult (and impressive) spins and inverted combos.

  • DANCE 4
  • You will need to have completed Technique 3 to commence Dance 4. It is important that you feel confident with your straddle on both sides, advanced jamilla, straight leg hang back, outside leg hang, inside leg hang & butterfly before commencing Dance 4.
    We recommend doing Technique 4 and Dance 4 in the same term. In Dance 4 you will learn a dance routine over 10 weeks. The routine uses moves from the Technique 4 syllabus, so it's important to do Dance 4 in conjunction with Technique 4.

    Our Dance classes are a great way to increase your stamina, as well as making everything look more fluid on and around the pole.

    Check out all of our Dance routines here: http://sydneypole.com/routines

  • Lyra Beg/Int if for those who either have a little intermediate experience with Lyra (i.e. have a strong & controlled invert) and also those who are brand new to Lyra.
    You'll be learn the basics of how combine strength and body awareness to lift up into and around the Lyra, creating beautiful shapes unique to this apparatus.
    The different heights of the Lyra at Sydney Pole means that even if you're unable to do a trick from height, you can still practice a Beginner version without needing to invert. But for those ready for the challenge you can try from height!
    Please wear long leggings.

    WATCH LYRA HERE: https://vimeo.com/186354296

  • Lyra Int/Adv is designed for those who are familiar with the Lyra apparatus and who have a strong & controlled invert/straddle and are familiar with leg hangs & basic lyra sequencing. 
    Learn how to fluidly move through various tricks and key positions to explore aerial sequencing and in turn develop strength and endurance.
    Please wear long leggings.

    WATCH LYRA HERE: https://vimeo.com/186354296

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