This class is taught by:

Eshkar .

Eshkar's known for her crazy energy and fun-loving spirit in her classes. She always brings out the best in people in a class and knows how to get you working hard!

Robyn .

Robyn is the owner of Sydney Pole. She loves the community aspect of pole dancing - her favourite thing is getting to know her students and ensuring they feel safe, happy and confident in the space.

Dot .

Dot loves what pole dancing gives you - strength, flexibility, confidence - and so much more. She loves that pole dance provides a platform to express yourself in so many different ways and that you can be whoever you want to be at Sydney Pole!
Open Practice is open to everyone! Come play & work on those cool moves you've been learning in class.

$10 for 1 hour
$15 for 2 hours
Practice time is YOUR time to play. You are responsible for your own safety during practice time. A staff member will be onsite but in the practice room you supervise yourself. By participating in classes and practice time you state you are familiar with Sydney Pole's policies and liability waiver:

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