AERIAL FLEX (Open Class)

This class is taught by:

Ally .

Ally has been training at Sydney Pole since she started pole dancing, and is proud to call this studio her home. She loves the diversity of pole dancing, and the freedom of expression it allows. She loves nothing more than seeing students in her class succeed and achieve something they never thought they could.

Missy .

Missy started pole dancing in early 2004 and saw it as a perfect way to combine her gymnastics and dance training. She was instantly in love... and bruised. She developed from eager student, to teacher and performer. Missy has competed nationally in Miss Pole Dance Australia in 2009 & 2010 and placed 2nd in the Womens Freestyle Division of the Australian Pole Dance Championships in 2009. Fusing her love of contemporary dance with her imaginative, quirky choreography, Missy has been shattering the strip club stereotype of pole dancing locally, interstate, and internationally.
Aerial Flex is a flexibility class incorporating the aerial hammocks. This class will provide gentle but deep stretching, using the supports of our gorgeous aerial hammocks. This means less pressure on your joints!
Perfect if you're ready to move into a class with deep stretching, this class is also ideal for people with limited range of movement or hip or knee injuries. 

WHAT TO WEAR: Please wear clean socks, leggings & a top that covers your armpits (long sleeves or t-shirt). No zips or jewellery please!

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